Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Maths - Hit The Button - Mixed Times Tables

This is my score. I played hit the button. I played mixed times tables. You get asked a question and you have to click on an answer there are a lot of numbers so you have to look at the numbers carefully. I got twenty seven out twenty seven. 

Narrative - Writing

LS2 have been practising to write really good narratives. I was working with Harlem and we had to follow a prompt. We had to choose three pictures from a presentation. These pictures was illustrated by Harris Burdick. We had to write three story's for each picture. We were practising this to revisit our narrative. Another reason we did this was to improve in our narrative and write really good narratives.  


In LS2 we have been learning our maths by using this website called Quizizz. First your teacher has to choose which quiz you should, most of the time Ms Naicker chooses times tables. When the quiz starts there is a question at the top, and you have to answer it. the faster you click the answer the more points you get. Some times there are word problems, and you have to read them carefully to get the answer correct. This morning we played quizziz, Mrs Anderson played and came 1st, I think she did very good because she lost connection and caught up to everyone. LS2 have been having a lot of fun doing it. I think it is a good and efficient to learn your maths. If you want to use this website, to learn and have fun here is the link:

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Panmure Library

On Friday last week the seniors classes went to the library to meet Stig Wemyss. He is a narrator. He only narrates Andy Griffiths books. He says that book narrators are like rock stars. At the start Stig told Fraidoon to throw him on the ground, He then squirted water all over Fraidoon. He was very funny. Everyone that did a challenge won a CD of Stig's. He challenged us to do some hard challenges, like say sausage everytime he asks you a question and you have to keep a straight face. The funniest challenge I think Stig set up was the baby word challenge. Sylis did that challenge and had to keep responding in baby language. Another challenge that was funny was the Chubby Bubby challenge, Latham and Afu did it. CJ's challenge was funny as well he had to keep burping each time Stig asked a question. We all got a card signed by Stig, I got a photo with him.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Pourquoi writing: How tattos came to Tonga

How tattoos came to Tonga

Many hundreds of years ago across the seven seas there lived a young boy named Magoni in a village with three friends of his. Their names were Carva, Toni and Sione. Magoni and his friends met at the beach of Toloa.
“What should we do? Magoni asked.
“I Don’t know, maybe explore the forest” Sione replied.
“Yeah we should we’ve only been there two time, and we didn’t go that far in” Toni said. Everybody agreed to that.

As they were about to enter the forest, they started getting the chills. After five minutes in they started hearing sounds, Magoni even started sweating a little.
“We’ve never been this far in” Carva whispered to his friends. As they kept walking they saw weird patterns on the trees almost perfectly engraved. They saw The name Tonga on one of the trees.
“Guys this is getting creepy, let’s just go back to the village” said Sione.
They all agreed. As soon as the turned away the heard a bird chirping. They all sprinted out the forest. The chirping was getting closer, and Magoni’s adrenaline was pumping. They all made it out. They went back to the beach. They discussed the situation.
“We should never go in there again” said Toni.
Magoni replied with “I think we should go back, those patterns on the tree were interesting” “NO!!, that was way to creepy” shouted Toni.
“Fine I’ll go by myself” replied Magoni.
It was dinner Magoni’s dad got out the mat and put it on the living room floor. Magoni was looking at the interesting shapes and patterns on the mat. There was one that Magoni really liked. He drew that one on a piece of paper and put it in his pocket. It was now morning.

Magoni went to the forest as he walked in he felt scared and anxious. He kept going in. He finally made it to the engraved trees. He kept walking. “I am going to admit it is a lot scarier without my friends” Magoni whispered to himself. He started hearing the bird chirping. He got really close to the bird and saw the bird the engraving the tree with his beak. It was strange because he has never seen a bird like this, it had a really long beak and dark black eyes. His beak was steaming out with smoke. Magoni Said to himself “This must be why the trees are engraved” He asked the bird if he could get his forearm engraved.
“Stupid me, now I am talking to a bird, how can I get more stupid than this” Magoni said to himself. Magoni’s paper came out of his pocket and he didn’t realize.

The mysterious bird flew to the sky so high that Magoni couldn’t see him. The Bird came back flying down after a couple seconds but, this time his beak with a little red steaming with more smoke. The bird started slowing down, it then landed on Magoni’s shoulder. It started engraving his forearm. He was looking closely at the pattern on the paper on the ground. “AHHHHHHHHHHHH stop it, it burns make it stop please, it feels like I am getting burnt with the devil's fire AHHHH!” Magoni screamed. Blood started shooting out that’s when Magoni past out.

“Woah” Magoni said. He was lying down on weaved leaves wondering where he was. The mysterious bird was right next to him.
“AHHHH!” Magoni screamed
“Get away from me” Magoni said. The bird flew away in the high top trees. Magoni stood up and ran. He ran as fast as he could and finally he made it out. When he arrived home he realized the pattern that he drew on paper, on his forearm. “Time for dinner Magoni come to the living room” Magoni’s Mum said. He went to his parents and showed them the engravement on his arm. His parent’s were shocked. “How did you get this it looks amazing” Magoni’s dad said.
“This mysterious bird came to me and engraved it on my forearm with his beak, his beak was steaming with smoke and it looked like there was fire on his beak” Magoni explained
“I want one of it on my back” his dad said
“Ok if you want but it is very painful” Magoni said.

Three months later. Nearly everyone had their body engraved. They were all thanking Magoni. His friends got it aswell. An ancestor of Magoni’s came to him and asked “What do you want to call that engraving”
“I will call it tatuato” Magoni Replied

Last week was Tongoan Language week we had to write a Pourquoi story (Myths and Legends story). I did a story about how tattos came to Tonga. We first had to choose a topic, then plan the writing. We had to write what the characters 5 senses, E.G Hear: he could hear echoes in the forest. After we had planned our story, we had to start writing our story. We then had to find a critical friend to use DRAFT to edit our writing.

Maths: Words problems

For maths we had to do word problems. For this activity we had to work together as a team. Our question was to feed 28 people with hot dogs, they all get one each. We could only use a 7 pack of hotdog, a pack of 8 hotdogs, a pack with 8 hotdog buns, a pack of 12 hotdog buns and a pack of 16 hotdog buns. We could only use those hotdogs and those hotdog buns to feed 28 people 1 hotdog each.

Reading can do: Current Events

This is my is my can do. I did current events. My event was Astronaut breaks record. He only broke the record for Americans. I really enjoyed doing this because I learnt a lot of new things. I didn't know people can even be in space for that long. I think that in the future someone will break the world record by a lot. Currently Cosmonaut has the record of staying in space for 879 days. 

Why Having a positive attitude is important: Care Awards

This is is my video on having a positive attitude. I used wevideo to make it. First made I notes on paper.

Care Awards: create own task

For my care awards I did create own task. I didn't know what task to do. Ms Naicker gave me an idea. She said I should do a DLO on maths. Sylis always helps me in maths, so I decided to work with him on the maths DLO. Our DLO was on decimals. Writing decimals in number, turning it into numerals, and numerals in to words.  

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Duffy Assembly

Today we had Duffy Assembly. Our guest was Henry Tuipe'a. He was talking about how he started reading books and how it changed his life. He also told how he got a lot more confident. He was saying that he really liked superheros like Superman, Batman and he said he loved wonder woman. At first he said he didn't know what books were. He thought books had DVD's in it. When he was telling about how he got into books he started making funny jokes and made everyone laugh. We got our Duffy books. We got it in sequence in year levels.

CARE Award: teach your teacher a new skill

This a task for CARE Awards. I did teach your teacher a new skill. I taught Ms Naicker how to count to ten in Burmese. She was a very fast learner. She did mumble a bit but I helped her out. 

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Ancient and Modern Olymmpics

This is my DLO on Ancient and Modern Olympics. I worked with Affonso. We first had to do a prior knowledge. We had to write as many facts we know about Ancient and Modern Olympics. We then did attributing images. Two images of Ancient and two for Modern. Thirdly we had to find the most interesting facts we can find. We had to use the websites that Ms Naicker gave us. 5 interesting facts for Ancient and Modern. Next we did a venn diagram. We had to find the differences and the similarities. The last thing we did for the DLO we had to write Olympic related things A-Z. Unfortunately there wasn't any for X. Ms Naicker decided to do a quiz at the end. We had to create a quiz with our partner. five questions for Ancient and Modern. The last thing we did was play the quiz.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Don't fall off: Reading DLO

For Ms Naicker's first reading group we had to read an article. The title was Don't fall of. After we had read the article we had to write fast facts. We had to write the things we notice in the article. The next thing we had to do was make a DLO on the main ideas. We had to write the three main ideas. 

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Cross Country 2016

This afternoon the whole school went to Dunkirk Park to do cross country. The first race was the Yr 1's it was really close. The next race was the Yr 2's they run there fastest it was pretty intense. As the races were getting closer to the Yr 7 and 8's I got nervous and had butter fly's in my stomach. We had to run 4 laps around the course. The most important thing was to pace yourself. I tried to pace myself but I did my best. I ran all of the laps and never stopped. I tried to make it into third but I came fourth.  

Reading - Main Idea, Fast Facts

For Ms Naickers reading group we read a story called fast feet. First we had to write fast facts, what we noticed in the story and write it down. After that we had to finish a DLO on the the main idea. We had to write the main ideas and write how we know this. 

Maths Follow up Place value in decimals

Today morning Ms Naicker's group in maths were doing decimals. My learning intention was Find the Place Value in Decimals. We had to write the decimals numerals in words and write the decimal words into numeral decimals. I had fourteen questions altogether. I managed to finish. I got confused a little. Sometimes I wrote numbers instead of words. We were learning to understand where and what the place values are in the decimals. Ms Naicker helped us out a lot. One of the questions was 24.34 I had to write that in words and the answer was twenty four and thirty four hundredths. 

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Read Theory

LS2 have been using a website called Read Read Theory, we read for 20 minutes in our class. We go on that website to improve on our reading. First they give you a quiz, you have to read the passage first, then answer the question. You get a different quiz each time if you pass the quiz. Each time you finish a quiz you get points to earn a new title. Each time you get every question answered correctly you go up a grade. You have to understand the text to answer the questions. You have to know what the question is asking you. The good thing about is the you can go back to read the passage to look for the information. 

Thursday, 1 September 2016


LS2 have been learning to sketchnote. It's like writing notes but instead your are drawing. It's a lot more fun than just writing, because drawing is more creative. You do need a couple of words on sketchnote like labelling them in order. It helps you with connections, doesn't need to be neat or look really good, it just needs to make sense to you. It helps you focus because you have fun. We started off with questions because we started learning and we knew the topic. We then moved onto athletics, making sketchnotes about what we learned about Run, Jump, Throw. Our next topics were about Rio and Olympic medals. We were drawing the famous landmarks for Rio. For Olympic medals we had to write how to earn a medal in sequence. To our class this is a new and creative way to record information. We have to use bullet points, like an actual bullet. This is a new thing in our class and we are enjoying it. 

Cross country practise

PBS has been practising for cross country. Mr Ogilvie has been helping us. The first day we started of with 1 lap. Every week the lap goes up by one. We learnt to keep pushing ourselves to finish our laps. Mr Ogilvie helped us with endurance and agility. Each time we ran I got better and better at cross country. The most important thing Mr Ogilvie taught us was to keep pacing ourselves and on our last lap we go our fastest.