Thursday, 23 November 2017

Smoke Alarms

In LS2 we have been talking about to keep safe from fire. Having smoke alarms all around your house can be very helpful because smoke alarms sense smoke and makes a loud screeching sound to alert you. Make sure to have one in every bedroom. Make sure not to have placed in the kitchen because when you are cooking it will trigger the smoke alarm I have worked with Sylis to complete this DLO.

Visiting The Fire Station

On Tuesday Panmure Bridge walked up to the Mt Wellington Fire Station. When we first arrived there, we asked questions. We learnt that if you call an ambulance there is a fair chance a fire truck might show up before an ambulance, but that is ok because they are first responders and know what to do. We then went outside and got to see the fire truck the the equipment in/outside of it. They explained to us that when people are stuck in vehicles, the firemen cut/destroy the vehicle to get the person out. They then demonstrated it with a vehicle, with nobody inside it. We then asked more questions. I learnt that they have different types of clothing for different types of jobs.

How The Fire Service Help Our Community

I have created a DLO explaining how the fire service helps our community with my group: Sylis, Tiava, and Lyric. The first thing we did write down 20 important words then choose 6 from the 20. The last thing we did was make a 25 word summary using the 6 most important words that explains how the fire service helps our community.

Powtoon - A message to our Community

I have created a powtoon about to share a message with our community with my partner San Kyaw. The message is for LS1 and it is about why we need to look after our teeth. In this powtoon we have explained what tooth decay, cavities and what tooth plaque is. At the end of our DLO we have created a list of ways to keep away from things like that. 

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Maths - Problem Solving

In maths we have been doing some maths problems. This week the problems we were solving involved using our times table and our division. I have worked with Fraidoon to show our learning through a DLO (Digital Learning Object). We have included the backstory and the LI (learning Intention).

Monday, 20 November 2017

Reading - Summarising

In reading we have been reading novels. The novel my partner (Eric) and I are reading right now is called One Wheel Drive. We have made a summary of a chapter (3) we have read. We first typed in 20 important words then we took the 6 most important words from the 20 we typed in. The last thing we did was write a 25 word summary using the 6 most important word. We have highlighted the 6 words in the summary. 

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Police Squad Visit

Today the whole of Panmure Bridge School got to see a helicopter land in our field. We managed to see the helicopter land in our top field. The helicopters name was The Eagle. They said that there were only two helicopters in New Zealand. It was really windy when it landed. Our whole school went around it and got to see the outside of the helicopter. We then asked the police some questions. The next thing we got to see was the police dog. The police dog we met was name Kahu. Today was a fun day because, we got to experience something rare.

Thursday, 9 November 2017


This week for badminton we have been practising our forehand grip and our backhand grip. To improve our grips we were doing rally's. My partner was Eric and the highest we managed to get was 15. The grip I find harder is the backhand because I sort of have to twist my wrist. I had a lot of fun at kiwisport and I am looking forward to improving more in Badminton, for our next session.

Orcas Adaptation

In LS2 we have been learning about the adaptations of an animal. I chose an animal the starts with the first letter of my name. I decided to choose an Orca. I found very interesting was how long an Orca's fin is, it can grow up to 6 feet. That's taller than me. At first it was hard for to find the adaptations of an Orca, but I kept researching and kept using keywords and manged to find the answers I was looking for.

Manaiakalani Film Festival

Yesterday Panmure Bridge School went to Sylvia Park Hoyts to watch movies created by schools in the Manaiakalani cluster. Our school went early in the morning but since our bus driver was late we missed our session. We then booked another session during the day. We managed to arrive there an hour early. Once the session we booked started we went in. The movies that were shown there were only from Pt England School and Tamaki Primary. This year's one is special because it celebrates the 10th year of the Manaiakalani film festival. Although it was just films from those school I enjoyed watching them. When we got back we were able to go on the Manaiakalani website and watch movies from other schools. We also left comments on them.

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Three Ways to Keep Safe From Fireworks

LS2 and LS1 have talked out about the past of Guy Fawkes. We then got into groups of four and have been asking questions to each other. Since Guy Fawkes day is coming up soon, in our groups we have come up with three ways of how to keep safe from fireworks. One thing we did not include in our DLO is keeping animals/pets away from fireworks, especially dogs because they are very scared of the noises the fireworks make when they go off.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Writing Explanation

How Children Learn at School

Children are curious to know things. They learn in many different ways. If they don't know what to do they ask for help. They watch others and copy them, because learning is a big part of their lives. 

They are curious to know this because they want to be able to do it. They ask for feed-forward so that they can improve in the ares they need more improvement on. They watch their friends to learn new things. They help themselves learn by taking risks.

They learn about things that interests them. When children take risks  not only are they learning learning new things, they also get an experience of what it is like.

Children practise their skills to improve their learning. One of the things they do is ask questions and focus more. They gain knowledge from others by asking and use it to improve their skills.

Children are curious to learn things. Not all the time children know what to do so, they ask questions. They learn in many different ways. learning is a big part of their lives. They watch others and copy them.

I wrote this together with my partner Jorja. After we had finished we went to another pair and asked them to proof read it. We also asked them to give us feedback and feed-forward.

Feedback:  You have linked some paragraphs and used commas
Make sure your sentences make sense. Put lowercase letters in the right place. 

Screencastify - Maths Strategy

In LS2 we have been using a tool called screencastify. I found this harder than I thought. I had to re record at least five times. I found this tool interesting because this is a great way to show our learning. I decided to show my thinking through a maths strategy. The maths problem question was fractions. I will be sure to use this tool in the future to show more of my learning. I have inserted a screenshot of my plan above the video.

Friday, 20 October 2017

Meeting Albert Vete

Today at assembly we had a special guests come in. Albert Vete and Justin (Asics worker). They were here to present shoes to people who did really well in cross country. Surprisingly I was one of them. Once my name was called out I got to receive my award from Albert Vete. It was an honour to meet Albert Vete and I would like to thank Asics and Albert Vete for giving us amazing running shoes. I will be using the shoes that I have received in the future to improve my running skills.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Rugby Union Inter-school

Today was the inter-school for Rugby Union. Our team was made up of year 7's and 8's. The first school we went up against was Glen Taylor. They manged to beat us by a lot. Our next game was against Glenbrae, the score was 17 - 10. Although, we lost again we did so much better. Our next game was against Glen Innes. In my opinion this was the best game we played. The score was 12 - 10. They managed to beat us by a conversion. Our last game was against Tamaki Primary. This was the hardest game we played because, they beat us by a lot. We did loose all of our games but we all had a lot of fun.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

PBS Blogging Journey

The is the last activity for the PBS Blogging Journey which is to create a venn diagram showing the differences and similarities between the Auckland and the Sydney harbour bridge. I thing I found interesting was for the Sydney Harbour Bridge you need to pay a toll, to cross it.

PBS Blogging Journey

For day 5's first activity I had to find some facts about the Auckland Harbour Bridge. One thing I found a bit hard was finding images of the Harbour Bridge Bridge because most of the photos would be of the Australian Harbour Bridge.

PBS Blogging Journey

For this activity I had to find the cost requirements that you need to meet to in order to bungee jump off of the Auckland Harbour Bridge.

Requirements and costs
Age: You need to be 10 years old or older, Children 14 and under need to be accompanied by an adult.
Weight: Minimum weight is 35kg, maximum weight 150kg.
Prices: Adult (15 and over) - $165, Child (10 - 14) - $135

PBS Blogging Journey

For this PBS Blogging Journey activity, I went on the Auckland Museum website to find out what activity is being held during these holidays. An activity I found was one about WW1. This activity lets children experience what it's like to be a soldier. The second part of this task was to create our own 5 photo exhibition. I decided to take photos of things around my house.

PBS Blogging Journey

For this PBS Blogging Journey task I went on the Auckland Museum website to find out about the parade that is held outside of the museum once a year. I had to find out when it is held and why it's held. After I had found the answers I went on Vocaroo to record them.
Vocaroo Link

PBS Blogging Journey

For day four's first activity I had to find out about life as an ANZAC soldier. I then had to find three interesting facts and say why I found them interesting.

Fact 1 - Fact 3 - Around 44,00 ANZAC soldiers died because they misplaced the area they were meant to land. They landed close to a cliff where the Turkish soldiers were, I found this fact interesting because, one small mistake can have a huge consequence.

Fact 2 -  When the Turkish waved a white flag, they appealed one free day to clean their bodies. I find this interesting because I thought waving a white flag means you surrender.

Fact 3 - NZ Soldiers went to reinforce the Australians and, while they were climbing up the ridge a lot of them were sniped from the enemy soldiers. I found this interesting because, the amount of people and how fast they took down NZ and Australian soldiers with snipers was very shocking.

PBS Blogging Journey

This is my DLO on the opening times and ticket prices at Kelly Tarlton's. There were so many ticket price options so, I decided to show them by taking screenshots. I enjoyed completing this task because of the one thing I found interesting which was how the opening times were all the same. 

PBS Blogging Journey

I have created an infographic on the Short Tailed Stingray. For this task I had to create an infographic on a sea creature that is in Kelly Tarlton's. This is Day 3's 2nd activity if we included images and attributed them we would get full points. There were a lot of new things I found out about the Short Tailed Stingray. I really enjoyed completing this activity.

PBS Blogging Journey

For this activity/bonus activity, I had to recommend a ride from Rainbow's End to a friend, describe how I might feel, write 25 words and an attributed photo or a referenced video of that ride. I would feel nervous and excited to go on the stratosfear because it goes on a 360 spin multiple times and I would like to experience that. 25 word summary: The stratosfear is a ride at Rainbow's End, there is a 360 swing and a 45 degree swing and there are height restrictions for them. 

PBS Blogging Journey

Did you know the Skytower is taller than the Eiffel Tower? I have created a DLO that has 5 facts about the Skytower. I think they are all interesting but the one I find most interesting is 2nd one. This is the 1st activity for day two of the PBS Blogging Journey. The next activity for day two is create a mascot for the Skytower.

PBS Blogging Journey

This is my mascot for the Skytower. I tried my best to make it look good, but it turned out bad. The activity for day 2 activity 2 was to create my own mascot for the Skytower. The reason I made my mascot mostly transparent is because the Skytower has a lot of glass windows that are transparent (see through). I think I found this task hard because I challenged myself to only use shapes (it's a tool on Google Drawing).

PBS Blogging Journey

The activity for day 2's bonus activity is to find 5 different activities you can do at the Skytower. One thing I found interesting was holiday activities are being held there. The activity I would like to do most out of the ones I found was the Skywalk. I think it would be a very exhilarating and interesting experience for me. 

PBS Blogging Journey

This is day 3's first activity which was to find the ticket price for me to go there then, the ticket prices for my family to visit there. One thing I found in common with Kelly Tarlton's and Rainbow's End is that if you buy tickets online it's cheaper. I had fun doing this activity because it involved a bit of maths.

Saturday, 30 September 2017

PBS Blogging Journey

Image result for rainbows end
For this activity I had to find out the minimum height for the stratosfear, then give a reason why I think there is a height restriction. There are two modes to the stratosfear: the less extreme (45 degree swing angle) and the very extreme (360 degree swing angle). Here are the height restrictions:

Less Extreme height restriction
130 cm to go on this mode

Very Extreme height restriction
150 cm to go on this mode

I think there is a height restriction because your seat belt might be loose and you could fall off and being able to reach the height restriction could prevent you from hazards similar to that.

PBS Blogging Journey

Did you know if you buy Rainbow's End tickets online they are cheaper? This is my first activity for our PBS Blogging Journey. For this activity I had to locate where Rainbow's End is on Google Maps, how much it costs for a family pass and how much it would cost for my family to go there. I found this activity harder than I thought. I think that because the website they have is hard to use. 

Thursday, 28 September 2017

PBS Production 60th

This year is Panmure Bridge's 60th year. There were a lot of items to perform. I was in I See Red and the Pasifika group. I was very nervous on both of the items, especially for I See Red because I was in the front row. I think I performed really well for I See Red but I think I could do better for Pasifika. I am proud to be in this School and be able to celebrate this year by performing in a production. 

Kiwi Can - Activities

Today for Kiwi Can we had different activities. Our energiser was turning something into real life. By that I mean we had an object in the middle and we had to think of things we could do with it, e.g use it as a steering wheel (we had a hula hoop in the middle). Our next activity was tap soccer. We had to tap the ball with our hands and try to get it in the goals. The last activity we did was netball, but there was a twist. We had to make the ball touch the grass before we pass. The game I enjoyed most was tap soccer.

Food Advertisment

This week LS2 has been focusing on advertisements. Our task was to create a poster pointing out the things they include to make us want to buy their product. For example, ice cream brands like Trumpet make their product look bigger. For trumpet they make the boysenberry fill up a quarter of the ice cream, when in reality there is barely any boysenberry.  

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Scale drawing

 LS2 has been focusing on the scale drawings  We first had to choose an image that we were going to draw. I chose to do a pirate. Next we had to make a grid on top of the picture. I found drawing the grids the hardest because I am really bad at using rulers. After that we made an enlargement of our Scale Drawing. I enjoyed doing this activity last year and I am glad to do it again this year.

PBS Cross Country

Last week our school went down to Dunkirk park for our school Cross Country. The year seven's and eights had to run five laps. There were two hills that we had to get run up. It really tough, but I managed to complete it. The first three runners make it into the interschool. AJ and Daniel both tied at first place and Te wai placed second/third. 

Monday, 25 September 2017

Finding out about coalition

Today our learning was finding out about coalition. We worked collaboratively to write a summary for coalition. A coalition is an alliance to form a government. In the New Zealand election, Winston Peters has the choice to choose National or Labour to help them fill more seats. Who ever he chooses, will determine our NZ prime minister.

The Princess Bride - Character Introduction

A couple of weeks ago LS2 did media study on The Princess Bride. After we had finished we had to make a DLO about it. I choose to do the introduction for the characters. One thing I found out was the introduction for Fezzik, inigo and Vizzini, were that they were exactly the same and there wasn't much for their introduction.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Flowchart For Democracy in NZ

This flowchart is about democracy about NZ. We had to define the word democracy. We had to write in order the people that hold most power over NZ. I learnt that Democracy comes from Greece. I worked with Eric, CJ, Shannon, Fraidoon, Daniel and AJ to complete this flowchart.

What David Lange Changed About NZ

For this task, We had to research a previous New Zealand Prime minister, and explain what he changed about NZ. In this Presentation/DLO we included some thing major David Lange changed about NZ. I worked with Daniel, Shannon, AJ, CJ, Eric and Fraidoon

Government Party Jigsaw

Bill English
Image result for bill english
Image result for national party logo
Jacinda Ardern
Image result for Jacinda Ardern

Image result for labour logo
Photo By Elections,
Public domain
Screenshot 2017-09-18 at 10.03.04 AM.png
Photo, By Maps, Public domain
Mt Albert
James Shaw
Photo by Green Party NZ/CC BY-SA 4.0
Photo by Source/Public Domain
Wellington Central
Photo by russellstreet/CC BY-SA 2.0
NZ First
Winston Peters
Winston Peters, 2011.jpg

Photo by AirflowNZ/ CC BY-SA 3.0
NZ First logo 2017.png
Photo by New Zealand First/ Public Domain
Image result for northland silhouette
Photo by Ridcully Jack/ CC BY-SA 4.0
David Seymour
Image result for david seymour
Photo by Wikimedia / CC by 3.0
Image result for act logo
Photo by elections / CC by 3.0
Photo by Eunice Minjeong/CC BY-SA 4.0
Marma Fox
2015 Portrait of Marama Fox 01.JPG
Photo by Wiremu Stadtwald  /CC BY 4.0
Maori Party logo.png
Photo by Wikipedia/CC by 2.0
WairikiImage result for Waiariki on map
Photo by SocialLink/ CC by 2.0
United Future
Damian Light
Image result for damian light
Image result for United Future party logo
Photo by New Zealand parliament, Public Domain
Screenshot 2017-09-18 at 2.34.14 PM.png
Photo by google maps, Public Domain


Gareth Morgan

Image result for Gareth morgan
Photo by
News Hub, Public domain

Image result for Opportunities party logo
Photo by Elections, Public domain
Photo by Eunice Minjeong/CC BY-SA 4.0
In LS2 we have been talking about Government parties. The main party's are National, Labour, Green and New Zealand first. We got into groups and had to complete a jigsaw. The jigsaw included the four main parties, Act, Maori, United Future and Opportunities. We also had to included images to go with the jigsaw. We also had to attribute them. I completed this jigsaw with Daniel, Eric, CJ, AJ, Shannon and Fraidoon.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Read An E-book Day

Image result for Read an ebook dayCover of A March of Kings

Today is Read An E-book Day (18th September). Read and E-book day is a day where you celebrate by reading books online which is modern story telling. In LS2 we use a site called the Tamaki College Overdrive, which let's us read online books at school. The site provides a lot of different books from different genres. I am currently reading a book. The name of the book is A March of Kings. If you want to find more about read an E-book day, click on this link. It takes you to the website. #EBOOKLOVE