Friday, 13 February 2015

My 3D star

This is my 3D star It was very fun making it. I did it because It can make our classroom look awesome
I learnt how to score on cardboard and make a a 3D star out of paper and cardboard. 

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

This is my maths karuta

This is my maths Karuta My the rules are you have to have three players our teacher M.r Wong taught us how to play this game. when you have 3 people you have to get cards 1 to 10 and the you have to put them in order than change it around. then one of us had to be the judge the judge had to call out the question E.g
6+?=10. Then you have to pull the card to your side. after the first section you have to refresh the page and it will come up with different questions. My friend Aj won all his games. I did this because I wanted to be faster at my basic facts to 10 and I learned that if you know your basic facts to 10 you know your basic facts to 20.                If you want to play this game click here