Monday, 21 July 2014

Going to my friends house at Holidays

In the Holidays I went to my friends house and I watched FIFA world cup Germany vs Argentina. I was voting for Argentina but they lost Germany won 1-0 Argentina scored a goal in the begging but it was offside. Then we played on the PlayStation 2 We played Teken 5 the winner was my friend SanTat he beat my brother his brothers and me. After we played soccer outside and it was me and my friend Pah Nwee Vs San Tat and my brother Ohs'mar. Pah Nwee and I won it was first up to ten goals Pah Nwee scored five and I scored five.Then we got Hungary and ate chips and that filled us up.Then we played Teken 5 again It was me and SanTat SanTat won by one move he did the tiger kick. After we went outside to have a race San Tat won he beat all of us Pah Nwee nearly won he was beating SanTat and then he got tired and went slower and SanTat won by a little.     

Friday, 4 July 2014

My art

This is my art We had to mix colours and paint on the paper and we had to get a chalk and draw a box and we paint on it.

Animal definition

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Maui's dolphin


This is when i went soccer we learned some skills. The best part I liked is when I had to juggle my highest is six Ben was a great teacher. I had an awesome time at soccer.