Friday, 20 March 2015

New zealand flag

I did a New Zealand flag information.
I did this so people know what the parts of the New Zealand flag mean.
I learnt all of the parts of the New Zealand flag meaning.

My new zealand flag design

This is my flag design.
I did this because I think we should change the flag
I learnt the parts of the flag have a meaning.

The blue background stands for the union jack. The red and the white cross stand for the British empire And the four red stars stand for the southern cross.

All about me

All about me
I did a all about me I had to write all my friends my family 
and my hobbies.

I did this because I wanted people to know about me.

I learnt that you cannot use images that are copyright.

My name is Oh Hsen I am 10 years old I was born in Thailand. I love soccer It is my favourite thing to do. I will be happy to talk about my friends my family and hobbies.
Image result for friends cartoon
My friends are important to me because they always play with me at school and we always work together. I like my friends because they cheer me up when I am sad. Sometimes when I do not have food they share their lunch with me. That is why I have friends around. They inspire me playing different games and sports. They encourage me a lot of times and they always support me.
Image result for images family cartoon free to use
In my family there is 7 people (including me), my mum, dad 2 sisters, brother and my grandmother. I like my mum because when I am sad she lets me go on her laptop and play. I love my dad as well he bought me an Xbox 360 he Image result for Xbox 360bought me a lot of games he bought a new game last year at Christmas it was shooting game. I don’t like my brother very much but he helps do my homework and other games. I like my 2 sisters. I like my little sister a lot because she always plays subway surf on her iPad. My older sister is good as well she lets me watch on her television when my dad is watching TV in the living room.
These are my hobbies. I like playing sports. Soccer is my Image result for soccerfavourite sport I play it everyday. Playing on my mum's computer. I play a fighting game called AQW. On that Image result for aqwgame you can get a lot of cool armors, swords helmets and lots of capes. I like learning maths with my dad because I am getting better. If I beat my score everyday he gets me a prize if improve a lot he gets a new game.

I love my family they help me on my reading maths and when I am stuck they come and support me. My friends they are so kind to me they support me the same as my family. My friends are always being positive. I am good at  sports. Sports are fun it is one of my favourite thing to do.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

My day at softball inetrer-school

Today at Dunkirk park I played softball inter-school I was so exited because I like sports. My teammates were Daniel, Eric, Inotia, mia, Sylis and Cyrus, Aj, Rohullah and mya we played our first game against Sylvia park it was close we lost by four at we were coming a tie. The second game was against saint patricks we were coming a tie Cyrus almost got a home run but they got him out first. There was One more minute They got a home run we lost our second game at least we tried. The next match was against Tamaki primary in the begging we got 3 home runs We were happy. Then Tamaki primary got 8 home runs. They kept hitting the ball but we got them put we got another home run. After a few minutes the game was finished. Then we had to face Pt England. In the begging I thought we would never get a home run but we did only one. they got 8 home runs.
Even if we lost all our games we had fun I am still proud of myself.  

Friday, 13 March 2015

My counting on

Sylis and I made a Google slide it is all about counting some people think that counting on is a bad strategy but it is useful. I did this because I wanted to tell people the counting on strategy is useful. I learnt that the counting on strategy is is useful and if you have a hard question just count in 5,6,8, 10.  

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Friday, 6 March 2015

My celebration

New Year Celebrations
Different cultures celebrate in different ways but we all celebrate for the same reasons.
Ethiopia Enkutatash
September the (12 or 11) depending on the year.
It’s to celebrate the end of the rainy season.  After church in the morning 14 family come together to share a traditional meal of flat bead also injera and stew called wat and then later on young girls give their friend bouquet they also collect daisies and sing new years songs.
Screenshot 2015-03-05 at 11.59.40 AM.png
January the 21st to the feb 20th.
To honour ancestors.
They clean the house in order to wipe away any bad luck and make way for good luck. They also give money in red envelopes and light fire crackers decoration mostly red with themes of wealth, happiness good fortune and longevity.
Image result for eid
People celebrate Eid because the represent their country and the pray.people celebrate they pray and then they eat tasty food. and then they watch the stars and the moon and they pray again if they pray they get good luck. They dress up in neat and tidy costumes.
Image result for diwali festival
Diwali is on October 23. For many Indians this five day festival honours Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. People start the new business year at Diwali, and some Hindus will say prayers to the goddess for a successful year. Lamps are lit to help Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, find her way into people's homes.
What other celebrations do we have in New Zealand? How do the different cultures celebrate? How are the celebrations similar?
Turkey new year. It is celebrated at 31 Thursday december. They celebrate this because they are starting a new year. They wear costumes.
Image result for New zealand new year.
New Zealand New Year.
New years is on the 1st of January.
It is the first day of the new year and a lot of countries celebrate this new year.
I did a new year celebration blog-post I had to find out the date information and reason for celebration how they celebrate it and other information. I did this because I wanted to know about other celebrations and how they celebrate. I learnt that there is turkey celebration.

My bar graph post

This is room 9's bar graph this is a bar graph of the most popular pop star in our class. The most liked pop star in our class is Megan Tranior. I did this because to see what is most popular pop star. I learnt how to use a bar graph better.  

Thursday, 5 March 2015

My Zac power book

This is my Zac power book I choose this book because the picture on the front looks awesome and they find a pyramid. That is why I choose this book.