Monday, 29 February 2016

Reading - Can do Scavenger Hunt

This is my reading can do. I had to answer some questions. I read the article Unwanted Visitors the second to last question is a made up answer. I did this because I wanted to know more about wasps and make sure that I read the article properly. I learnt that a wasp has three body parts. 

Quick write draft

Quick write
There was money everywhere and I was shocked. “Hey guys is this real money?” I shouted. “Yes” replied a stranger. I grabbed a $50 note ran to rebel sports and bought my favourite pair of Nikes. I saw someone drive a bulldozer and collect a lot of money. I ran and jumped in the drivers seat. I yelled that’s my money. The man hopped out. “Yah this is all my money” I yelled. I put all that money in my bank account. I took out 3,000 dollars and spent most of it on clothes. I was soo hungry. I ran to the fish and chips shop.
“Lady can I have large fries?” I asked
“Sure $2.50 please” She demanded.

I paid her and took the bag. As I took a bite I could taste the crisp and the salt. As I swallowed it the taste was delicious.

For writing we had to do a quick write. After that we had to edit it using DRAFT Delete, Rearrange, Add, Fix, Talk. I did this because I want to edit my writing properly. I learnt how to edit my writing.

Friday, 26 February 2016

Presenting at assembly

This was my first time presenting up on stage. I was very nervous and I had butterfly's in my stomach. When I did my practice I thinking about how I would be at assembly. I was up on stage with Victoria. When it was almost my turn to speak I was nervous but what made me more nervous was when Victoria was tapping her legs silently and I could feel the vibration. At the end I was proud of myself for presenting on stage. Thanks to Mrs Anderson because she gave me the confidence to present up on stage.

Trust activity

LS2 did an activity on trusting each other. one of them is to get a in a circle. The next step was to sit. If everyone is sitting on each other's laps that means were doing it right. The other was really fun. We has to partner up with someone we don't trust. The next step was to close our eyes and our partner had to guide us from the junior playground to LS2 back to the Junior playground. I had a lot of fun doing the trust activity.

Tech - Smoothie

The Yr 7' went to tech and made smoothies. Our ingredients were yogart, berries banana and powdered milk. We had to mix it then put it in the blender. We had to turn the blender on for 5 minutes. Once we had finish we got to drink it. When I drank it I didn't like it when I drank more I started to like it more. I had fun learning how to make a smoothie.  

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Home learning - Taj Mahal

This is my homework I did with Latham. We had to research the Taj Mahal. I learnt to put facts into my own words. We had to answer the questions what am I, why was I built, where am I, Who uses me and when was I built. Our challenge was to find 5 interesting facts and find the location using Google Maps. I did this to learn to research more.

My blog comments

I commented to Latham on his stretching sentences , Alex's how to be a succcessful learner at school and Room 10 from Ruapotaka school on their recount when Duffy came. I did commenting because I haven't done it in a long time.  

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Current Events Challenge

This is my work on current events. I had to go on Kiwi Kidsnews and read and article. Once I had finished reading I had to answer some questions. I did this because I wanted to know which team one the Super Bowl. If you want to read the article click this link.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Searching skills and tips

Daniel, AJ and I made a Google presentation on how to search faster. If you want to hear us explaining clik on the Vocaroo link on the first slide. I did this so people acn search faster. I learnt how to search faster.

Sentence challenge

This is my sentence challenge. We read On Target. Jase kicks the ball at Alex and then he gets a broken bone. They soon realized that it wasn't that bad. I had to predict the next what would happen next. I did this because it sounded interesting.

Maths subtraction maths problem

The is my maths problem I have to work out. This question is asking you what is 381 - 127. This is how I work it out. 
Firstly 381 - 100 = 281
Secondly 281 - 20 = 261
Thirdly 261 - 1 = 260
260 - 6 = 254
The answer is 254. On the third step the reason why I subtracted 1 instead of 7 is because it's more easier to subtract from a tidy number. 

Monday, 22 February 2016

My maths Multiplication

This is my Maths multiplications. I had to do 2,5 and 10 times tables. I got all of them right. It shows that I need to work on my 5 times tables. I did this to see if I forgot my time tables over the holidays. I learnt that I need to learn my 5 times tables faster.

Reading Can do

This is my reading can do. I had to find three words, write the meaning in my own words, find the interesting word in the sentence and find some synonyms for it. I couldn't find any synonyms for honeydew. I did this because I wanted to learn new words. I learnt new words and some synonyms for them. 

Friday, 19 February 2016

My home learning

This is my home learning I did with Gozan. We had to research about Sydney. After we had answered our questions we had to find 5 interesting facts about Sydney and an image of Sydney using Google Maps. 

Art Kaleidoscope

This is my kaleidoscope art first I had to fold it into four triangles then write our name on one of the triangle in block letters. After we had to go over it with vivid. Next we had to fold it into the triangle again and trace it. Last of all we had to choose a hot colour on the outside and a cold colour in the inside or cold in the outside and hot on the inside. 

Food Technology

Today was Yr 7's first time going to tech. The Yr 7's did food technology and made milkshake. I am a vegetarians so I worked with Nazella, Zahra and Sa Kae. First we had to get 2 tablespoon's of powder. After we had to decide what flavour we wanted we choose chocolate so we got 4 tablespoon's of chocolate flavour. I went and got the milk and I had to put 2 cups of milk. We had to mix the powder and the chocolate flavour. The last ingredient we needed was the ice cream. Next we got the blender and poured out all of our ingredients. I switch on the blender on and it started mixing. We took the blender and poured our milkshake in a big bowl. Zahra took the bowl and poured it in our cups. Finally we got to drink our chocolate milkshake. It tasted refreshing.  

Friday, 12 February 2016

Maths Prototec

This my results for Prototec maths. I did stage 6. I got all of them right except 1. I did this to see my results. I learnt how to get faster at maths.  

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Stretching sentences

I learnt how to stretch sentences by using the the 5 W's to make it more detailed. first I had to explain who then what, when, where and why.

Finding about LS2

AJ and I did a class survey. We wanted to find out about what types of books do LS2 like. AJ and I did this because we wanted to find out more about LS2. I learnt that comic is the most liked type of book in LS2.

Dear Term 4 Oh Hsen

Dear term 4 Oh Hsen
When you read this you will be at the end of your Yr 7 journey and almost be Yr 8. Did you join the interschools you wanted to? Did you win the class award? Did you focus really hard on work? Have you improved in reading, writing and maths? I really hope you tried your hardest to achieve your goals and enjoyed being a Yr 7 in LS2 with your friends.
This is my letter to myself to term 4. Near the end of the year I'll get a reply from myself.

Friday, 5 February 2016

Key Competencies

This is my thinking groups key competencies. It is how key competencies can move your learning to the next level. I did this to find out what it means and how it can move your learning to the next level. I learnt what trump means. 

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Key competencies Trump

This is LS2's key competencies. T:thinking R: relating to others U: understand M: Managing self P : participating. We had to to take photos of how it would look like. I learnt My key competencies and learnt what Trump stands for.