Friday, 31 March 2017

Tech at Tamaki

Today at tech we made a start on our mice and cheese pie. We started by making the mince filling. For the vegetarians we had vegetarian mince. The ingredients needed were mince, onions, cornflour, hot water, oil and soy sauce. Our end result looks very good. Next week we are making the cheese to finish it off.

Thursday, 30 March 2017


Today afternoon LS2 went to the Dunkirk Riverside Sports Club and we played Futsal and Tennis. The first game I had at Futsal was against the white, my group was the red team. We were so close to winning but we tied 0-0. Our next game was against the black team. This game was similar to our first game because we tied again 2-2. We then moved on to Tennis. I haven't played Tennis so, I learnt some new things. I learnt where to hit the ball and when. I had so much fun going to Dunkirk Riverside Sports Club play Tennis and Futsal. A big thank you to Martin and Neville for organising all of this.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Kokako Infographic

This is an infographic on the Kokako bird. I worked with Fraidoon to complete it. The facts are really interesting, one fact that I did not include was that both North and South Island Kokako birds are really low in numbers. This inforgraphic required Kokako's diet, habitat, predators, appearance, three interesting facts and attributed images. 

Camp Photo Story

We had to make a DLO photo story on camp. We also had to have it in chronological order. My favourite part of camp was orienteering because I managed to finish really fast. I had a very great time at camp and had fun looking at the photos.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Walking Six Meters Above Ground

My turn came so quickly. As I grabbed on to the rungs chills started coursing up my spine. I started to get goosebumps. When I reached the log I glance at the ground and that’s when my heart was thumping at the speed of light.

I was too scared to take another step forward but I wanted to. Each step across the log made my knees shake faster. Once I got to the end of the log I was told to walk back to the middle. It took me a couple of seconds to start walking. Once I made it halfway I was so exhilarated because I did something I thought I couldn’t do. The instructor complimented me. I then did some dance moves. I did the dab, whip and, ninja kick.

I then went back down. My team cheered me on and was happy for me. I felt like I had achieved something big. I was relieved to be on the ground.

This is a recount on one of our activities. I decided to do the high ropes because I felt like that was the most interesting one. This recount is a snapshot of my favourite part of camp.I had to draft the recount with a friend after I had written it.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Conserving water

This morning we started with inquiry. Recently Auckland was asked to conserve water. over 415 million litres of water was wasted. We had to find out why. We then had to make a DLO about Conservation in Auckland. We had to include why we need to conserve water, how we can do that and what are the consequences of wasting water. In my group there was AJ and Fraidoon

Friday, 17 March 2017

2017 leaders Badges

This week at assemble the student leaders had received their badges. Since Te Wai and I are school leader assistance's we received one each. On our badge it says student leader. I was happy to receive my badge I think they look good.

Food Technology

For this week at tech we made pizza rolls. The vegetarians used mince instead of bacon. Our pastry was really good. Sakae and I worked together and made 4 each. Unfortunately no photos were taken, but next we will try and get some photos taken. At the end the pizza rolls looked great.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Food Tech

For tech today we mad Kish. The ingredients for the vegetarian group needed were Tomatoes, two onions, 8 eggs, 120 grams of butter and 260 grams of flour. The part that challenged me the most was dicing the onions because it started to make my eyes water. We then had to mix the butter and flour. We the sliced tomatoes into circles. Once we had finally made the dough we put our ingredients in the Kish. We the pured the cream in. Lastly we baked the Kish's in the oven. 

Water Cycle DLO

Group A has started to learn about the water cycle. The water cycle is a continues loop which never ends. It has four parts to it. In this DLO it includes all of the four steps. I think it is interesting how the water cycle works.I enjoyed learning about the water cycle and hope you have learnt something new.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Maths Game (GGF/Greatest Common Factor)

For maths this morning my group (circles) played eako. After that we had to find a game online that is on the greatest common factor. I was getting most of them right, and on the last one I manged to get all answers correct is 47 seconds. Here is the link to the game

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Different Perspectives

For reading this morning my group had to read an article. The Article we read was Christchurch police told to remove 343 litres of alcohol tipped down the drain. After we had read the article we had to find the point of views from the police and the Christchurch city council as a group. Together as a group we came up with the point of views and managed to complete the task. 

Monday, 6 March 2017

Maths Game

For this maths game I had to find the greatest common factor. At fist I didn't get it but I read the instructions and found out. I was getting some of them right. I kept playing again and again. I couldn't get all of the answers correct but this was the highest I could get.