Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Diet Follow up

This my groups DLO on diet. We were looking at the ancient Olympians diet then we compared it to modern day Olympians diet. We saw a big difference. The Ancient Olympians didn't eat as much as modern day and they didn't have as much healthy food. The Ancient Olympians at a lot of dry food. We had to find a website for it, but it had to pass the C.R.A.P test. C for current, R for Reliable, A for Authority and P for Purpose.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Magic Box Poem

Use powerful imagery to write your own ‘Magic Box’ poem that paints a picture in the mind of the readerImage result for the magic box

I will put into the box...
The amazing feeling of being able to fly
The shiny spark of gold reflecting in my eyes
The smooth feeling of diamond

I will put into the box...
The cool feeling of raising an iron sword
The feeling hovering over the stormy ocean waves on a hoverboard
The shooting star flashing past my eyes

I will put into the box...
The taste of fresh lemon drink sliding down my throat
The brightest poppy to honour the ANZAC soldiers
The rumbling noise of a dinosaurs rumbling stomach
The feeling of hot chocolate melting in my hands as it shape shifts into a solid chocolate bar

My box is fashioned from platinum sides and steel and edges , with golden coins on the lid and sparkly glitter in the corners.

Its hinges are made out of the strongest metals that you can find on earth

I shall keep adventuring the wild places in my box

This is my poem on my magic box. We had to write three things on three of our list. We had to make it into sentences. To make it sound better we had to use our 5 senses. After that we had to write what our box is made out of.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Warriors visit PBS

Two of the warriors came to PBS, Ryan Hoffman and John Palavi. Georgia came as well she was the one calling out the questions. First they introduced themselves. There was a spinning wheel, there were different topics, and which ever one it lands on we talk about. The first topic was trivia. We were doing questions. Whoever gets the questions correct gets a spot prize. Another way to win prizes was to read the words on the board. Thanks to Alice to for sponsoring PBS.  

Mighty Muscles DLO

This is is my reading DLO. We were learning about muscles. First we had to write our fast facts about muscles we had three minutes. Next we had to make a DLO on the main ideas of the story. I did this because I wanted to learn more about the human body's muscle. I learnt new facts about muscles in the human body.

Friday, 19 August 2016

Yr7 and Yr8 Run Jump Throw

This week for Run Jump Throw, we did jump. We first were learning how to jump far by swinging our arms forward Next we learnt what position we needed to be in. Andi said we should jump on one feet and land on two feet , being in the motorbike position. Next we got into groups and tried to come in first place. The people that came first in the groups had to go line up on the concrete for the finals. I made it to the finals. I don't know what place I came, but I think I came in 5th out of 8.

Olympic Silhouette Art

LS2 have doing doing art recently. Our focus was on sportsmanship. We couldn't finish until our whole team finishes. First we had to choose an Olympic silhouette. After that we had to get shapes and trace around it. The next step was colouring, we had to choose cool colours of hit colours. I chose the cool colours. My colours were Purple, Green and Blue. After that we had to squirt PVA on the lines and shapes of our background. We then got out our silhouette, glued it on black cardboard, cut it out, then paste it on our background.  

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Olympic Current Events

This is my current events DLO on Olympics. Abbey D'agostino tripped up and Nikki Hamblin helped her up. This a very good example of great spirit, good team spirit and real sportsmanship. We had to make a DLO on it. We had to find an images then put a link where we got it from. I did this because I wanted to know more about what happened and why she tripped up. I think Nikki did the right thing helping Abbey D'agostino. 

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Hauora Inquiry Follow Up

This is my follow up DLO on Hauora. We were learning about the 4 walls. We were learning the names and what it stands for. We learnt that if one of the four walls fall down the other three are most likely to fall down as well. We learnt how many times our heart bets we learnt about our heart rates. We learnt the 2 main places where you can find your pulse: somewhere around your neck and somewhere on your wrist.

Friday, 12 August 2016

Olympic Venues

This is my DLO on Olympic venues. We have been learning to consider both sides of a provocation so that we can make an informed opinion. Ms Anderson asked us to think about the 2 different points of view. To makes our informed opinion we had to look at the different point of views and then decide.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Maths Number Knowledge

For maths we were learning different topics. E.G I was doing ordering fraction and someone would be doing addition to 20. I was practising it for the Ikan test. I got the first 2 correct straight away but on the other 3 I was struggling. I kept trying until I got all of them correct. I was learning and getting faster, I also was having fun. 

Yr 8 and Yr 7 Run Jump Throw

This week for Run Jump Throw, the Yr 7s and Yr 8s had their session together our coach was Andy. First we played Octopus. I was out on the first round because I fell over. After that we we were learning how to start a race for a short distance race. First we have to take a step back behind the yellow line, then Andy called out on your! and we would step forward. Then she called out set! we would have our back heel standing up and our hands should be in the cheek to cheek position. When she said GO! we ran our fastest to the other side. The next thing was get a partner, get a cone and lye down on our tummy, face our partner. When she says on your marks set Go! we would run to our cone and out it back we were lying. CJ beat me the first time but I beat him the second time.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Searching for the different language features

Today we were searching for the different descriptive language features and  we had to highlight it, we also had to write beside it what language feature it is. My partner was Cyrus we found a lot of different language features. We took turns on highlighting and writing. The language features we were looking for were nouns, adverbs, adjectives, metaphors, similes and verbs. All together we found 42 descriptive language features. The most language feature we found were nouns and verbs.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Descriptive Language Features

So we are learning about descriptive language features. We had to give some example to Ms Naicker first. We had to make a presentation or google drawing and write the different descriptive language features. We also had to include the definition and some examples. 

Monday, 8 August 2016

Inquiry: Training

For our task we had to do a warm up activity and after that we had to write down what we need to, do your activity. We had to write what equipment. After that we had to write down what you need to organise and what to do. We had to fill in the tables.

Current Events: The Big Sleep Out

For reading we did current events and out event was The Big Sleep Out. We had to read an article then answer the questions. This was an event that happened last year and 135 people participated. The main idea was to know what events are happening around the world. My point of view changed because of what the homeless really had to go through. It also changed because how they have no place to stay and no food to eat.

Friday, 5 August 2016

Kiwisport: Run, Jump, Throw

Yesterday afternoon Yr7 and 8 had Run Jump Throw. The Yr8s were lucky to have a Andy as their coach. Andy couldn't stay for too long so the Yr7s didn't get Andy to coach us. Luckily Mr Oglivie was the coach for the Yr7s and we got to do kiwisport. First we did our warm up, it was Octopus. Daniel was the winner. After that we focused on running. We had to focus where we want to run to and do check to check with our hands going up and down.    

Thursday, 4 August 2016

HoverBike DLO

Sebastian and I did a DLO on advertising a hoverbike. We had to make a poster. So we made it small and portrait. First we had to design it in our book. We had to make people think like us. We needed to find a suitable image after that we had to attribute it. We also had to use persuasive language which was "BRINGING THE FUTURE TO YOU", YOU WILL BE ENVIED BY ALL YOUR FRIENDS, receive a 40% discount! before 15 August, LATEST TECHNOLOGY, 100% SAFE. From that we hope to convince people to buy it.

Careers - Yr7

The Yr7's are learning about careers (jobs). We are focusing on what careers there are. First we had to think from the top of our head careers A-Z. After we did it online. A lot of people came up with a lot of good careers. The next session we will do a random career generator and we will see what job we are most qualified for.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

NZ Olympic Logo

This is my NZ Olympic Logo. I could only use images if I attribute them properly. I tried my best putting the images in the correct place. I did this because I wanted to make another Logo for the Olympics but for New Zealand. 

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Times Tables - Quizizz

Today morning LS2 went on quizizz the whole class did it together. We had to do times tables. Mrs Anderson started the game and we had to answer the questions as fast as possible. We also had only ten seconds to answer them. The first time was a practice round. The second round I came 4th almost making it in the top three. The third game I cam 21st. On the first question I was in a rush so I pressed the wrong button. We were practising our times tables we did our 5 times tables. I really liked this activity and I think that quizizz is a really cool website.

Monday, 1 August 2016

Winter Learning Journey certificates and prizes

These are all the people that participated in the Winter Learning Journey. For the Winter Learning Journey people had to blog as much as they could and comment. If you blog the activities and comment you get points. The activities topics I did were Be the inspiration, Sports specific Tom and Vinicius 2016 in Rio and Once upon a time in Olympia.... My favourite activity was Tom and Vinicius summary. Rachel added all the points up and the winners were: 3rd place: Nesi, 2nd place: Daniel, 1st place: AJ. Congratulations to them. All the other people that participated got a certificate.