Friday, 11 April 2014

My art work

We had to draw on our book we had to measure. and we had to draw 4 pictures and we after had to choose a picture from our book i choose the pohutokawa. then we had to make a template then we had to get paper. We had to draw on our paper then we had to colour we had to make it reflection, rotation and translation i did reflection first the colours i used were red, green, blue and yellow. After i did rotation the translation reflection is flipped around and rotation is turning it around and translation is sliding it. When i finished it looked awesome.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Maths result after 3:00 minutes

This is my results in three minutes and there were 100 questions. I got 27 right it was hard because you get three minutes. The timer gets faster and faster. It was fun next time i will try harder and get a better result.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Going to the library

Today room 5 went to the library after we had our morning tea. when we got there we had to sit on the mat. Then I had to go with Juanita we had the Patu. She told us a story In the olden days they use to use Patu as a weapon the other team had a rakau First we had to hold our Patu and put on our arm and when she said one in Maori we had to put our patu in front of us. Then she said two We had to bend down and put our patu below our legs. After We were ready to fight. Before we had a fight she told us a story. The story was about the getting married and the war. Djae was had basket and Djae left his hook so he went in the water and he got an eel, a big fish and muscle shell Then Jasmine her basket and she left her hook so she went in the water. She and she got an eel, a big fish and muscle shell. and then Djae saw Jasmine and said girl want to marry me and jasmine said yes so they got married. After Jasmines land found out she got married so they wanted a war so they did Then Djaes land found out that jasmines land was going to have a war so they got ready and they came a tie. The leaders battled one on one but they came a tie. So they told there team to attack. Then the ground started shaking and said stop fighting so they did and they became friends. After we got prizes. Then we did our clay foot print When we finished I had an awesome day.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Lions facts

These are Thomas and my facts about lions on the research skills page if you want to check you can there are awesome facts. We had to skim and skam the page to look for answers

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Word work

Late for school excuses

Late for school excuses

  • My car ran out of petrol.
  • Someone stole my dad’s car
  • My dog ate my bag.
  • My car had a flat tyre
  • My dad locked the car and left the keys in the car.
  • I woke too late.
  • My mum did not wake me up.
  • I as too lazy to get up in the morning.
  • There was a crocodile in my house and we could not get out.
  • My little brother throw my alarm and it broke.

Number Fun

This is my number fun and hope you like it and also I've worked very hard to learn my thousand and millions.

How to annoy the teacher

I was learning to write instructions. We had to use a verb at the beginning of each idea.

1. Talk when the teacher is telling you what to do
2. Dance and do flips in the class
3. Sing very loudly and terribly
4. Shout like an animal
5. play games on your netbook
6. Interrupt the teacher when she is sharing information
7. Jump on the desks like a kangaroo
8. Make mouse noises on the mat
9. Make annoying faces in class
10. Smash the window glass

Get ready for teacher to send you to hell