Friday, 29 May 2015

Emotive terms

This is my presentation I had to write what does emotive mean and give an example. The last step was to write a propaganda I also had to what emotive words I can find a poster. I did this because it was a task. I learnt to use emotive words.

My blog comment

I commented on Rohullah's blog.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Recraft boy soldier

Boy soldier

It was 1pm in the afternoon. After a few hours Ali saw someone it looked like he was spying on Ali and his friends. It was very sunny and it was 34 degrees. Ali had a lot of friends in the army, his friends were Jordan, Danny, Cena, Adam and Andrew.

They were walking to Egypt for war and then they found a shady area where they could train. Their training was to throw grenades more accurately and they are hard to throw. They also had to work on their shooting. After a few hours of practise Ali got the hang of it  and he told the captain. The captain didn’t believe him so he came and proofed it.

His captain was proud and he told Ali he was the best soldier boy. He was told to get some water so he got a bucket and went. Ali found a waterfall and filled it with water the bucket was 1 meter tall. At the training area a lot of people were tired. The captain looked up at the sky and saw something coming down very fast. It was a bomb. BOOM!! The bomb hit the ground. Ali heard a loud sound and he was worried. He ran back to the training area and saw everybody lying on the floor. Everyone was okay but they were badly injured. They needed to fight back. All their guns were busted except for Ali’s. They needed to fight back no matter what happens.
In the middle of the fight Ali got shot on the arm but luckily it was his left not his right. Ali had been fighting for an hour and 30 minutes and he killed 18 enemy soldiers. There are now only 10 enemy soldiers left. Ali had to end it right here so he said that to all the Eygpt people. They all started shooting at him. He went to cover himself. He said sorry to all his friends because they were lying on the floor. His friends are still alive and Ali had to throw a bomb to kill all the Egypt people along with his friends. Ali thought about it and said to himself he’s going to die with his friends. He threw the bomb everybody died there was no survivor

Ten years later A man named Doranbolt and Mest went to check if there were any survivors once the made it to the training area the saw blood everywhere. Doranbolt and mest called the backup people to come with cars. When the reinforcements came Doranbolt and Mest checked if the were still breathing one person was still alive it was Ali he was famous. Everybody was dead. The reinforcements put Ali in the back of the car and went back to town.

He went to the hospital he needed waters. The doctors got a bucket of water and splashed it on Ali’s body like a wave was coming. Ali woke up and he was upset he said to the nurse that he wanted to be with his friends Doranbolt said they are all dead. Doranbolt said that there is going to be a WW4. Ali said to Doranbolt I am going to make new friends and participate in WW4 and he promised he would never let his comrades die.

First I had to plan it than craft after that I had to re-craft and now publish.
I did this so I can get better at writing a Narrative.
I learnt to use tenses.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Propaganda poster

This is my google slide presentation. I had to explain the writers purpose and the writers text. After that I had to make my own poster. I did this because I could learn about propaganda. I learnt that in 1915 the prime minister wanted people to join the army.

Thursday, 14 May 2015


This is my battleships map. First I had to do it in a book it looks the same as the image but it was smaller and it had no pictures. Then we had to do it on our device we had to find an image of Gallipoli and screenshot it. Next we had to put the picture in the Google drawing. After we had to put small squares by using tables once you have finished it you had to write the letters on the side from A to J and the numbers at the top from 1 to 10. After you had done that you have to copy and paste it and put it on the opposite side because the first map you have to put your battleships there and the other is to mark what just happened E.G if i did C4 and it I hit a ship I have to mark it red and if I miss I have to colour it white. If it is the other persons turn and it hits you ship you have to colour it orange. I played with Sylis and I won. I learnt how to read maths coordinates.

Anzac Gallipoli locations

This is my Anzac Gallipoli locations I had to write extra information it was doing it all the other questions will be on the Google presentation.I did this because I wanted to know more information about ANZAC.I learnt what happened at Anzac cove in 1914.

African animals

Today Mrs J.T Came in room 9 and she talked about animals My favourite part was when I saw the Leopard. It was on a tree the class learnt a lot of stuff about animals. I found out that their are two other animals that looks like a Crocodile an Alligator and a Caiman. I thought that was amazing. The other thing Mrs J. Taylor said that a giraffe got killed by another giraffe by getting kicked to the head that was awful. Another thing she told us is that at night time they sleep at an amazing house and there are guards watching if other animals come and try to destroy something. Mrs Taylor got to hold little kids from Africa. It was fun looking at the pictures at the end there was a picture of her and other people.

Reading task

I had to highlight these sentences and break into simple sentences.
I did this because I wanted to improve my reading skills.
I learnt my compound sentences. 

Friday, 8 May 2015

Zoo trip

Screenshot 2015-05-08 at 2.04.23 PM.png
Zoo trip

On 7th may 2015 the school went to the Auckland Zoo accept the year 7&8. We got to the Zoo by a bus. First we got to see the tigers one tiger was in the house he was walking around I was surprised because it was the first time I saw a tiger. We had to write information about the animal in our booklet. Then we go to see an ostrich and a wallaby I was not sure if it was a kangaroo. After we went to see the parrots we had to go into a cage one group at a time and you have to close the first door then open the other door that is how you get pass. The parrots were shouting really loud. Everyone was tired we had morning tea for 20 minutes. After that we had to go and see the other animals we got to see a tarantula I was freaked out it was my first time seeing a spider. After I started running to see the other animal. The next animal was a siamang there were 2 siamangs one siamang was climbing and the other one was shouting. I got a bit bored and we moved to the other animal it was tigers the zoo keeper said that they like different smells. After we went to see the elephant I learnt a lot about elephant They can cool themselves by flapping their ears. The elephant's name is Burma. The Auckland Zoo is going to get a new elephant it’s name is Angelica. After we went to see the ostrich I saw saw the ostrich poop it was funny. Finally we get to do something fun we got to try the meerkat tunel. We had to go one group at a time We got a closer look at the meerkats. It was fun because we had to crawl and it was kind of like a maze Also we got to climb ladders. When I made it to the end I was really tired. After everyone had a turn we went back. IT WAS A GREAT DAY!!!

How to reference a book

How to reference a book
Step 1. write the authors name Williams, (Marcia) 
Step 2. The title name King Arthur and the knights of the round table.
Step. 3 when it was published 1996.
Step. 4 Published in London
Step. 5 It was published by