Thursday, 30 June 2016

Orienteering - Yr7

Today we did orienteering, I was working with Calvin then I lost him because I ran off. I was probably come 3rd or 2nd but on my last one M I took so long I came last, if I had to guess how long I would say about 15 minutes.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Speech - Oh Hsen Results

Hi my name is Oh Hsen. Would you like it if we could wear mufti in school? You don’t need to keep wearing the same clothes everyday. We should put an end to school uniform and wear mufti.
Some people can’t wash their clothes everyday. I know most of you would want to wear mufti in school and you would be happy.

If we had mufti in school we could wear what we want. If it was a hot day you could wear a singlet and shorts. If we play sports you can wear your sports gear. If your shirt is dirty you can just change into a new clean one, unlike uniform you have to wash them every single day.
Some people only have 1 pair of clothes they could lose that one pair,
You can’t just expect them to buy a new pair of uniform. When most people start school on the first day they come in mufti, they might have other siblings and what if  their parents only had enough for one child.

Sometimes when it’s spring people might want to wear long sleeves. How would you feel wearing the same clothes every 5 days a week? Some people can’t afford new uniform if they grow too big, it would be better if they wore their own clothes. Your uniform could be too old and it wouldn’t be comfortable. If you have a stain on your clothes you can just change your clothes the next day but if you wear uniform the stain will most likely not come off. Uniform looks ugly mufti looks better. Uniform is hard to clean I would be exhausted having to wash the same clothes every day.

If we wore mufti it would be cool no one would get in trouble for wearing the wrong thing, Wearing uniform has conditions they have to be clean, wear the correct shoes, wear the correct socks. Mufti doesn't have that it doesn't have conditions and that way no one would get in trouble for wearing the wrong thing.
Today LS2 did speeches. We had to say our speeches in our groups. I was first and This rubric was my results. I think I did pretty good with eye contact I need to work on my voice, I need to know my speech better, and I need to use more expression.