Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Aretha Franklin's RESPECT song

In 1965 a song named Respect was released. The person who originally wrote this was Otis Redding. Aretha Franklin sang it, who is a really confident women. It really got popular for R&B in 1967. The main message of the song was for women having equal rights with men and treating women with respect. Here is the link to the lyrics

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Reply to Term 1 Oh Hsen

Dear Term 1 Oh Hsen
I can’t believe how fast this year went. I am entering Yr 8 soon. It’s almost time voting for the next school leaders. Around term 1 I actually twisted my bone playing soccer and had to get a cast on for six weeks. I wanted to go to Soccer cricket and Touch Rugby but I only managed make it into two interschools, Cricket and Soccer, unfortunately Soccer got canceled but Mr Ogilvie (a new teacher in LS1) organized Soccer for us in term 4. Prizegiving hasn’t came yet so I’m not sure if I’m going to get it. I have improved in reading writing and especially maths. I have had a lot of fun with my closest friends.
From term 4 Oh Hsen

This is my reply to myself. At the beginning of the year wrote a letter to myself to term 4. We had to reflect on this letter. This year has gone by so fast.

Monday, 28 November 2016

Hundertwasser DLO and Art

Last week LS2 has been researching about Hundertwasser (An Austrian liked making art, and didn't straight lines.) We had to to make a DLO and answer the 8 question about him. After we had done that we had to add images. The next thing we did was art. We had our own art like Hundertwasser. Most of our houses needed to be 3D and some could be 2D. We had to have creations like his, like the lollipop trees and mushroom domes . He also hid eyes and faces in places where it would we hard to spot. After we had drawn it, we had to go over it with vivid. After that we coloured it in, we had to have cold colours and hot colours and, we needed to make the colours blend. Our background could be cold and the drawings could be hot colours.  

Friday, 25 November 2016

Yr7 Hockey

This session for Hockey we were mainly learning how to control the ball more better. This session we only had Carly. The first thing we did for this session was have two games of Octopus. After that we learnt how to control the ball by keeping it near our feet so it doesn't end up rolling away. We also learnt how to defend the ball with our Hockey stick. We had to use the mountain side. After that we had a game of Shark, we put our skills to the test. We had to try and knock people's hockey ball out of the court. At the end we had a game of hockey. Carly would call out a number and the first people would go. Unfortunately we didn't get photos.

Athletics Day

Today was Athletics day, although it was raining we managed to get through half of all of the activities. The Yr 7's got split up into three groups. The leaders were Javeylor, Mishaan and Mia. I was in Javeylor's group. The first activity we did was Basketball shoot out. Mishaan's team managed to win with 30 points, following by Mia's group they scored 14 points, we scored 8 points and came last but we had fun. The second activity we did was Rob the Nest. We had to pick up as many objects on the floor as we could and put it in our bucket. After all the objects we picked up from the floor, we had to get the more objects by robbing other groups objects. It was the same order as last time for 1st, 2nd and 3rd. The next activity was Sponge Hurdle. We had to to pick up our sponge, soak it in water and squeeze it all out in our groups bucket turn by turn. This time we manged to come second Mia's group managed to beat us by a little. The next activity was Longjump. I really liked this one because we had a lot of fun doing this one. We came third, First was Mishaan's group and second was Mia's group. The last activity we did was Shotput. We had to use our skills that Andi taught us. We didn't manage to finish this activity because it started to rain a lot. I really enhoyed this year's Athletics and I am looking forward to next years one, I hope we don't have bad weather.   

Yr7 Spelling

This is a DLO on Spelling that I have completed. Mrs Anderson had given us a task to complete. The task included completing syllables, choose five words and make them into interesting sentences, proofread a paragraph and fix the mistakes (I found this one most challenging) and copy and paste sign language symbols to make NZ platform names. After we had completed the tasks we could play a spelling game. Which is on the second slide and you can play it. Try and beat my best score 11,00 points. 

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Venn Diagram - Jean Batten and Richard Pearse

This is my venn diagram on Jean Batten and Richard Pearse. I worked with Javeylor on this. After making timelines of our aviators we had to compare and contrast on Jean Batten and Richard Pearse. The easiest way to do this was to make a venn diagram. I learnt that Jean Baten and Richard Pearse have a lot in common. I really enjoyed doing this task this task.

Popplet: Richard Pearse Timeline

This is my DLO I did with, I worked with Javeylor to complete this timeline. First we had to do a timeline of Jean Batten then we could choose any aviator we wanted. I chose to do Richard Pearse because he's a New Zealander. We had to have our timeline in chronological (time) order. I used Popplet this time because, I think Popplet is easier to use because it's easy to make text boxes and type.  

Lucidcart: Jean Batten Timeline

The Yr7's and 8's have switched topics for inquiry. We are now researching aviators and making a timelines. This is my DLO I did with Javeylor. We had to research about Jean Batten and write 15 facts. After that we had to do a timeline on her, We had to have it in chronological (time) order. It was really hard using Lucidchart because arrows would pop out and we couldn't delete them. It's also very hard keep the line straight. Maybe next time I should use a different DLO to put all my information into.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Kiwisport: Hockey

Today we had kiwisport. For the rest of this term we will have Hockey as our kiwisport. First we had two games of Octopus. We learnt how to dribble the ball, reverse the ball, have control over the ball and Jinking (Juggling, my score was 103) the ball with a Hockey stick. Our coaches were really king and helpful. At the end we got into 2 groups and the couch would call out a number and, the first people would have to go.

Leadership Team Building

This is my DLO on Leadership I did with Sylis. Every Mondays the Yr8s have dance while the Yr7's have leadership. We are doing this to build trust with each other and next year we're going camp and we need to get along with each other. Mrs Anderson gives us really fun and exciting. I really enjoy doing leadership activities.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Procedural Text

For writing our Ms Kirkpatrick's group did a procedural text. We had to paper dart or plane. We needed to have the structure of a procedural text, one of them was the rule of three. A procedural text is a how to tutorial just with more information, like a diagrams and captions. A procedural text must have interesting verbs in the beginning of each step. I really enjoyed making a procedural text.

Friday, 11 November 2016

Procedural Text

This is my DLO on procedural text. First we had to do it on paper dart. After that we could choose anything we wanted to. I decided to do how to play handball, because I think it's a fun game. I hope this procedural was helpful to you.

Design Development Analysis

These are my DLO's on my design development. I am almost at my final design. I have finished two of my design. After I had done that I had to make a DLO on it. I had to answer questions on the board. I really enjoyed this session for tech.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Storyboard That: Godwit

This is our last activity on Godwits for the Yr7's. Mrs Anderson found a fun website for an infographic. We had make an infographic on Godwits trip to Alaska. We had to include some facts aswell. It looks like it takes very little time, actually it takes a while putting objects to where you want it but, it was worth it because it was find making it. 

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Manaiakalani Film Festival

Today Panmure Bridge School went to Sylvia Park watch the Manaiakalani films. Our school (Panmure Bridge School) had the whole of the left hand side. Most of the Yr7 and 8's got to sit on the top comfortable seats. Some Yr 5 and 6's got to sit at the top as well. The top seats were very comfortable. My favourite videos were Tamaki primary's films because they were very funny. When we were heading back to school we saw a Police chase. Everyone was looking. Three people were running from the police. We only saw one person get caught, the cop handcuffed him so fast. We're not sure if the others got caught. Here is a link to the films -


For writing the whole class worked on hyperbole's. Hyperbole's is a sentence that has exaggeration. E.G I have a million things to do. We all had two sheets. The first sheet was highlight the hyperbole's pink and the non hyperbole's blue. I only one wrong. The second sheet was a little harder, we had to fill in the lines. E.G I am so ______ I could eat a _____. The answer to that would be hungry and horse. We also had to highlight the similes blue. The last part we had to do was write a paragraph with as much hyperbole's we could write. this is my paragraph

Ben was at home waiting for his parents to come back from shopping. “Grandma, Mum and Dad are taking one billion years to go shopping” Ben said. “Just wait patiently Ben” Grandma replied. For time to go faster Ben went on his ipad and played his games. He had  been using his finger so much, his fingers would lose one billion KG’s. Ben remembered he had homework. Ben finished his homework and said to his grandma “I finally finished my homework, I took forever. Ben looked out the wind and saw a very good looking car, it looked like it would cost over one quintillion dollars. He realised that it was his parent’s new car. Ben’s Dad let Ben go in the car and see how fast it can go. Ben said to his dad it went so fast that it went faster than the speed of light and, we would have time traveled if, we went any faster.

Monday, 7 November 2016

Mesearment Flight

Today for maths we continued with our paper planes. We had to find out who's plane went the furthest in our groups. Tai's one went the furthest. We then had make the exact same plane of the plane that went the furtest. After that we had to make our logo. At the end we had to choose who could throw the plane the furthest in your group. Tai threw it the furthest. At the end the class had a competition to see who's plane goes the furthest. Thomas's one went the furthest. At the end we opened the windows and threw the planes once more and, there were better results.

Friday, 4 November 2016

Paper Planes

Yesterday LS2 were paper planes. Mrs Anderson put us into groups and we had to work collaboratively. We were watching video tutorials to make our paper planes, we were trailing to make our different planes. I had trouble making my paper plane so, Sebastian helped me out. After we finished making our planes we went outside and we had a competition on who's plane can go the furtherest. We measured it by feet. Everyone was having fun.   

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Godwits Migration

This is a DLO about Godwits and their migration. I worked with Nazella and Calvin. Our topic is about flight and, Yr7's are researching the Godwit. First we had to make a digital sketchnote to get our answers. The questions were long and, if we searched up the whole question we wouldn't get any answers. We had to use our smart searching skills to find our information. After we finished our digital sketchnote we had to make a DLO with all, our answers. There are some interesting facts there. 

Congratulations To The Shake Out Cast

Congratulations to Latham for making a brilliant movie about an earthquake. The movie name is The Shake Out. Well done Sylis, Reon, Daniel and Jasmine because of their brilliant acting skills. I really hope you come first in the competition. Here is the link to the movie