Friday, 20 October 2017

Meeting Albert Vete

Today at assembly we had a special guests come in. Albert Vete and Justin (Asics worker). They were here to present shoes to people who did really well in cross country. Surprisingly I was one of them. Once my name was called out I got to receive my award from Albert Vete. It was an honour to meet Albert Vete and I would like to thank Asics and Albert Vete for giving us amazing running shoes. I will be using the shoes that I have received in the future to improve my running skills.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Rugby Union Inter-school

Today was the inter-school for Rugby Union. Our team was made up of year 7's and 8's. The first school we went up against was Glen Taylor. They manged to beat us by a lot. Our next game was against Glenbrae, the score was 17 - 10. Although, we lost again we did so much better. Our next game was against Glen Innes. In my opinion this was the best game we played. The score was 12 - 10. They managed to beat us by a conversion. Our last game was against Tamaki Primary. This was the hardest game we played because, they beat us by a lot. We did loose all of our games but we all had a lot of fun.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

PBS Blogging Journey

The is the last activity for the PBS Blogging Journey which is to create a venn diagram showing the differences and similarities between the Auckland and the Sydney harbour bridge. I thing I found interesting was for the Sydney Harbour Bridge you need to pay a toll, to cross it.

PBS Blogging Journey

For day 5's first activity I had to find some facts about the Auckland Harbour Bridge. One thing I found a bit hard was finding images of the Harbour Bridge Bridge because most of the photos would be of the Australian Harbour Bridge.

PBS Blogging Journey

For this activity I had to find the cost requirements that you need to meet to in order to bungee jump off of the Auckland Harbour Bridge.

Requirements and costs
Age: You need to be 10 years old or older, Children 14 and under need to be accompanied by an adult.
Weight: Minimum weight is 35kg, maximum weight 150kg.
Prices: Adult (15 and over) - $165, Child (10 - 14) - $135

PBS Blogging Journey

For this PBS Blogging Journey activity, I went on the Auckland Museum website to find out what activity is being held during these holidays. An activity I found was one about WW1. This activity lets children experience what it's like to be a soldier. The second part of this task was to create our own 5 photo exhibition. I decided to take photos of things around my house.

PBS Blogging Journey

For this PBS Blogging Journey task I went on the Auckland Museum website to find out about the parade that is held outside of the museum once a year. I had to find out when it is held and why it's held. After I had found the answers I went on Vocaroo to record them.
Vocaroo Link