Tuesday, 15 August 2017


Yesterday LS2 started creating flextangles. To start off we had a flextangle template with patterns. Nearly everyone managed to finish the template on the first day. Today we were given another flextangle template, but we had to draw our own patterns if we wanted to. I decided to only colour it. I haven't finished it yet. One thing I liked about this activity was how we had to craft our flextangles. I think next time I could add patterns.

Friday, 11 August 2017


In Ms Ferguson's tech class we had a reliever to fill in for Ms Ferguson. We couldn't continue with painting our clock designs, because we did have paint. Instead we did a different activity. We had to create unique, shapes. We followed some simple instructions from a piece of paper. A new thing I learnt to day was to use a compass (the one you put your pencil through to make circles). Unfortunately I didn't get a photo of it. 

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Cybersmart - Choosing Keywords

I have created a DLO with Fraidoon about choosing keywords. I think we have come up with great ideas to get the result you want online. Google has the answers to your question, but you have to use the right words to get the result want. Hopefully the steps we have provided will help you with your answers/results.

Maths - Galloping Greyhounds

For maths, we have been learning how to add fractions. Adding like fractions is easy. The hard part was to add non like numbers (denominaters are not the same). It was difficult, but I managed to find out how you solve it. After that we had to to do was find a partner and work out some problems provided for us. Fraidoon and I then had to create a DLO doing one problem. The part I found the hardest was finding the answers. The reason behind that is because we had to add non like fractions, which took a while.

Sketchnote DLO

In Reading we had to define words that are related to the Suffrage movement. We also needed to write what we know about the suffrage movement, and other questions. CJ, Eric, Calvin, Shannon and I have all worked together to complete this sketchnote. We talked about what it was and decided what we wanted to put for our answers.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Kate Sheppard

In LS2 we have been learning about the suffrage movement. After we had found out what is was we had to make a DLO about Kate Sheppard, because she was the leader of the Suffragettes. After we had included the information, we had to write our own question. We came up with the questions together as a group. The last task was to find the answers to our questions. My group (Eric, Shannon, Calvin and CJ) have learned a lot more about Kate Sheppard.


In LS2 we have been practising our dance moves that Zoe taught us. My group is doing I See Red. Yesterday Mrs Anderson filmed us doing our dance moves. We used rewindable learning to improve our moves. The other two groups are doing Staying Alive and Footloose. We had to look back on our video and try and improve on it. We had a bit of time to practise a few times. My group has definitely improved on our moves. Our timing has improved a lot, and we aren't making as many mistakes. After we had practised each group had to perform twice in front of the whole class. I am looking forward to learning the rest of the dance to I See Red.