Saturday, 23 December 2017

Summer Learning Journey

For this Summer learning Journey I had to compare, contrast and find the similarities of my house and a wharepuni (a place where maori people slept in). I decided to create a venn diagram. An interesting fact I learnt was that the roofs of a wharepuni are thatched. 


  1. Hi there Oh Hsen, my name is Billy and I am from the Summer Learning Journey programme. It's really nice to see that you have been blogging hard this summer.

    I really like the way you have presented this activity, it is very visual using great contrasting colours. I like that you have discussed the different building materials.

    How do you think they might be different on the inside?

    Thanks, Billy

  2. Kia ora Oh Hsen,
    What a a great post! I really appreciated that you did a venn diagram to display the differences and similarities between your home and a wharepuni as it made your points very clear and easy to read.
    I hope you are enjoying your holidays and by now starting to think about your return to school, only 2 weeks to go.
    Dig in and keep blogging, I can wait to see your next post!
    Kia Kaha,

  3. Hello Oh Hsen
    Good job on finishing this summer learning journey activity. I like how you decided to put your information into a DLO (venn diagram). That made your work look nice. Keep up the amazing work Oh Hsen.